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Detroit electoral fraud: More than 2,500 deceased still listed as eligible voters
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12:56, 14/12/2019

The nonprofit Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) revealed that voter rolls in Detroit have more than 2,500 dead Americans who are still eligible to vote.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the irregularities came to light after the organization, whose purpose is to protect electoral integrity, filed a lawsuit Wednesday, Dec. 10, before the Eastern District Court of Michigan.

Among the names on the indictment are Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey and Detroit Elections Director George Azzouz.

The lawsuit details the records of more than 2,500 deceased individuals, nearly 5,000 voters who appear more than once, and 511,786 registered voters in the city where only 479,267 individuals are eligible to vote.

Detroit is known as a Democratic bastion, even though it had a low voter turnout during the 2016 presidential election, contributing to the then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump in that state.

According to the Detroit News, voting machines had previously recorded irregularities after 37 percent of the city’s precincts in 2016 tabulated more votes than the number of voters counted at the polls.

In a statement, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox stated, “When thousands of dead people are registered to vote and there are more people registered than are eligible to vote in the city of Detroit either someone is trying to commit fraud or there is gross incompetence within the Detroit city clerk’s office.”

As for the recent lawsuit, Logan Chruchwell, PILF's communications director, told The Washington Free Beacon, “If the Russians or others are indeed coming in 2020, this is how we fight back early. Election integrity requires that we review voting assets and intentionally seek opportunities to harden them.”

Churchwell added, “When the Foundation hand-delivered these list-maintenance leads, they were brushed aside by Detroit. This behavior is precisely what saboteurs rely on before they begin their work.”

Meanwhile, PILF President Christian Adams said in a statement, “The city of Detroit is failing to perform some of the most basic functions owed to its citizenry.”

“The city government’s nonchalant attitude toward addressing evidence of dead and duplicate registrations exposes yet another vulnerability in our voting systems as our nation works to improve election security before November 2020,” Adams added.