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'China is more dangerous than Nazi Germany in 1936': Nikki Haley urges boycott of Beijing Olympics
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11:38, 26/02/2021

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley urged Joe Biden's administration to boycott the upcoming Winter Olympics scheduled for next year in Beijing, over concerns about the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to both the world and the Chinese people themselves.

"Had the United States known what Nazi Germany would become, would we have participated in the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics? This is not a historical head-scratcher. The answer relates directly to next year's Winter Olympics in Communist China," Haley wrote in a Fox News opinion column.

Haley stressed that today, Communist China is more dangerous than Nazi Germany in 1936, noting that while there were "terrifying signs" about Adolf Hitler's plans then, the scope and threat posed by the Nazi regime to the world was still unknown, as opposed to the threat posed by the CCP today.

"The evil Nazi ideology was clear, they were rapidly building military strength, and anti-Semitism was already enshrined in law. The Nazis hadn’t yet invaded their neighbors, built concentration camps, or started the worst war in human history," Haley said.

Haley noted that by then "there was enough foolish optimism for the free world to give Hitler a propaganda victory in the Berlin games," even though leaders like Wiston Churchill had warned of what was coming.

She said that the direction of the CCP is clear, mentioning the so far documented repression suffered by the people of Tibet under the "iron fist" of the CCP.

She also referred to the fact that Hong Kong is currently experiencing its worst democratic crisis after the CCP imposed the controversial national security law, under which persecution against dissenting voices and those who advocate freedom and democracy in the semi-autonomous territory has increased.

Haley likewise said that the CCP "makes near-daily threats against democratic Taiwan" and recalled, "Its systematic and determined cover-up of the origins of COVID-19 [CCP Virus] led to the worst public health crisis in a century."

Haley also highlighted the ongoing genocide against the Uighur Muslim minority at the hands of the CCP, so far amply documented in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

"There, China has arbitrarily imprisoned more than a million people. They are tortured and compelled into forced labor. Children are taken from their homes," she said.

"Women are forced to have abortions and be sterilized, often without knowing it. And rape and sexual abuse are everywhere. As one rape victim tearfully put it, China’s "goal is to destroy everyone.'"

Haley condemned the fact that the CCP seeks at all costs to wipe out Uighur culture and faith despite denying the facts, adding that while the Holocaust is not a historical parallel to the situation in China, it is “still a genocide."

"Given Communist China’s direction, it could soon become what Nazi Germany was in the 1940s. It is not a country the United States should glorify through participation in the Winter Olympics," Haley added.

Weeks ago, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) introduced a resolution for the boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics if it does not relocate its venue, arguing human rights abuses committed by the CCP.

"The Chinese Communist Party has carried out many heinous acts in the last year alone that should disqualify them from hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics,″ Waltz said.

Unlike Biden, who recently referred to the genocide perpetrated against the Uighurs as part of China's culture, noting that each country implements its own rules and that because of this it was normal for this situation to occur, the Trump administration strongly denounced the atrocities against this population, as Waltz recalled.

The calls to boycott the sporting event, which is expected to be hosted by China, have increased and important groups are joining the demands for the United States to rethink its position against the CCP.