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San Francisco defunds police, redistributes money to black communities as violence rises
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16:18, 26/02/2021

Democratic San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that she will take at least $120 million out of law enforcement's budget to reinvest in projects aimed at the city's black communities.

Breed announced on Thursday, Feb. 25, a plan for how the city will spend $120 million over the next two years, taken from law enforcement budgets, to reinvest in black communities in response to calls from left-wing organizations concentrated in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group, who consistently call for police defunding, KQED reported.

"The Dream Keeper Initiative," as it is called, will increase investments in workforce development, health campaigns, youth programs, cultural and housing support.

Black people represent only about 5% of San Francisco's population, a proportion that has steadily declined over the past 50 years.

The city's plan follows similar plans in Los Angeles, where Mayor Eric Garcetti pledged last year to cut up to $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department, more than 10% of the total, to invest in "communities of color."

In the case of San Francisco, with a budget of $700 million in security spending, the cut involves about 10%. This will force the police departments to reduce personnel and overtime immediately.

The most controversial issue is that San Francisco is amid a massive crime wave, with homicides up 35% in 2020. The city has also become synonymous with petty crime and public disorder, such as normalized outdoor drug use and filth in the streets, which is generating an unprecedented out-migration process of citizens choosing to move to quieter and safer places. 

The case of San Francisco is reminiscent of what happened in Minneapolis two weeks ago when it was reported that it had to backtrack on its plan to disinvest in police forces.

Following complaints from neighbors and police officers about rising crime rates after taking nearly $8 million from law enforcement in December, Minneapolis authorities finally opted to apply additional funding to hire more police officers.

New York City did not escape this situation. The radical left, with the complicity of Democratic politicians, achieved a historic defunding of police forces in 2020. As a result, the city is experiencing unprecedented levels of violence, crime, and insecurity.

In July 2020, New York's Democratic Mayor Bill De Blasio announced a $1 billion cut to the NYPD, out of a total budget of $6 billion. 

The number of gun confrontations over the past year in New York City has risen "to levels not seen in previous years," were the words a police department spokesman said in announcing its latest crime statistics in December, Fox News reported.

After the death of George Floyd earlier this year, leftist sectors took advantage of the situation to impose their agenda using a discourse of racial equality and "nonviolence" that contradicts their practices rightly charged with violence, destruction and lawlessness. 

In many cities, especially those governed by Democrats sympathetic to leftist policies, they gave in to the demands of violent minorities and today we can already see the catastrophic results in terms of social security.